Ice Cream Nachos

Ice Cream Nachos

We’ve all had savory nachos before but what about SWEET nachos?! Ice cream nachos are a quick and easy dessert idea but super cute and delicious. It’s perfect for a movie night snack that comes together in five minutes!

The “Chips”

One of my favorite ice cream shops is Jeni’s Ice Cream and I think my favorite part is that they give you a waffle chip to enjoy with your scoops of ice cream in a bowl! I feel like every ice cream shop needs to do this because I can never finish a whole waffle cone but I always want a little bit to enjoy with my ice cream for a crunch. I love using it to scoop my ice cream and that’s when I thought I need to take this idea and make ice cream nachos with it!

For the chips, I got these Butter Crisps from my local store but I will admit, they are difficult to find. I recommend ordering them from Amazon HERE. They are my new favorite cookie now, I just snack on them on their own all the time.

If you are not able to get these butter crisps, I believe Trader Joe’s has their own version of them as well. Now if that doesn’t work either, I would buy waffle or sugar cones from the store and do your best to break them into chips.

The Dip

Of course, nachos are all about dipping! But instead of nacho cheese and guacamole, we are going to do ice cream and melted chocolate. I decided to take a smores approach to this recipe but you can go with any flavor you might like.

For the ice cream, we’ll be using vanilla ice cream. Save the ice cream for last since it can melt.

Moving on to the chocolate, I just melted down some semi-sweet chocolate in the microwave. If you prefer something a little less rich, you can use fudge sauce like the kind you would use for an ice cream sundae.

The Toppings

Since this was s’mores inspired, we’re going to use graham crackers and mini marshmallows.

Start by crushing some graham crackers into small pieces/crumbs and mix it with mini marshmallows and add to your tray.

If you don’t want to use mini marshmallows, you can also use marshmallow fluff and mix it with graham crackers.

The Tray

You can use any tray that has sections or compartments in it. If you like the one that I used, I purchased it off Amazon and you can buy it HERE.

They’re super heavy-duty and were stunning. They have so many other functions in the kitchen you can use them for so I’ll definitely be utilizing them more.

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