Eid Cookie Boxes

Let's make some cute cookie jars you can gift to friends and family to wish them a Happy Eid!

Eid Cookie Boxes

Eid is a special holiday I always looked forward to as a kid! The number one thing that always made it feel special is homemade sweets my mom would make the night before. As I got older, I started baking for friends and neighbors in our community to wish them a happy eid so I wanted to share an easy idea with you to spread the Eid joy with your loved ones!

Making the Cookie Jars

This guide for making the cookie box is just a rough guideline to show you what I did but doesn’t mean you can do it your own way! It’s basically just cookies in a jar with a Eid sticker and box. You could do this with boxes instead of jars, you can make any other cookies or any sweets you like!

Where to Get the Jars

Let’s talk about the jars! It took me forever to find the perfect sized jars for this project. I needed something that matched the width of the cookies which was surprisgnly hard to find. Most were too big or too small but these were perfect. They come in a set of 6 and they fit about 5 to 6 flat cookies. If you are making thick cookies, it will fit about 4 cookies. There is also a taller size that I’ll link here which will fit alot more cookies if you’d like that option but it only comes in a set of 4.

LINK: Short Jars – Set of 6

LINK: Tall Jars – Set of 4

LINK TO TWINE: Twine – this is what I used to tie the bow

The Stickers

I’ve shared a tutortial before on how I make my stickers but I will share here again. It’s super simple, you just need to have a printer and sticker paper. I designed the stickers on this website called Canva, it is free to make an account. I will link my design here but please note, do NOT request access to the design. Just click file and make a copy of it if you need to make any changes to it. Feel free to tweak the design like changing the color, text, or the art work. Download the design and then print it. I print it at 65% for the size because the jars I use are small and the stickers need to be an appropirate size. I recommend you do the same if you purchased the same jars.

For the sticker paper, I purchase it online and the link is below. You can also purchase it from an office supply or arts and crafts store.



Cookie Recipe Ideas

For the cookies, feel free to use any cookie recipes you love! It can be anything but here are some ideas below from the blog. I would just avoid any recipes that have a cream or frosting on top because the cookies will be stacked on top of each other.

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