Here you’ll find a selection of tips, tricks and learnings from all things kitchen essentials to content creation, and everything in-between!


Honest Review of the Our Place Pot and Pan

Everyone has been raving about the Our Place Pot and Pan on social media so I purchased both and put them to the test every single day for 6 months straight. This is my honest unfiltered experience with both the pot and pan. Let’s dive right in!

6 Tools I Use Everyday as a Food Blogger

It’s the start of a new beautiful year and if one of your goals is to become a content creator or continue to improve as one, I would love to help using what I’ve learned along the way in the last two years. I’m no expert and still have so much to learn but if this can kickstart your passion or answer a few questions then I’m glad to share this information.

Build Your Own Coffee Cart!

My New Year’s resolution to myself was to become my own little barista at home! It’s so easy to get caught up in going to a coffee shop every single day and spending five to six dollars on a drink but I decided to put that time and energy towards a new skill instead – mastering the Espresso Machine.