April Kitchen Faves

April Kitchen Faves

We are a starting new series where once a month, I’ll share 5 items I’ve been loving from the month before! The kitchen can be a hard space to navigate so I’m here to help with some recommendations of mine as someone who spends all day every day in the kitchen. Whether you are just a home cook, an aspiring food blogger, or just an avid shopper, there is something in here for everyone. Let’s get into the April Favorites!

1. Magnetic Measuring Spoons

I cannot rave enough about these magnetic measuring spoons! You know something is amazing when you buy it in multiple colors. I purchased them from Amazon and it comes with 8 pieces, including a leveler and 3/4 teaspoon which I’ve never seen before in other sets. The center of each teaspoon is magnetic so you can stack them and never lose any!

2. Cord Organizer

A huge pet peeve of mine in my house is loose visible wires. They have to be tucked away hidden and I’ve found the most organized way to do it! I purchased these cord organizers off Amazon and they come in a set of two. You just peel the sticker off the back and stick it to the surface of your appliance. Then just wrap the cord around and press it down in the center. I have one set up on my coffee machine, Kitchen Aid, and air fryer.

3. Parchment Paper

Next up, we have this parchment paper which you’ve probably seen in so many of my videos and recipe photos. It has a beautiful printed design on it that is great if you are a food blogger or recipe photographer. And if you are not either of those but just love cute aesthetics, this is definitely for you!

4. Guacamole Preserver

For the fourth item, we have this guacamole preserver. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. I’ve tried endless hacks for keeping guacamole from browning and none ever work but this is magical. Not one sign of even the most subtle browning after days! It basically vacuum seals the guacamole by pushing down the lid to the surface of the guacamole. I bought mine from The Container Store and it fits 2 cups but you can buy the same one on Amazon but it fits more guacamole!

5. Ceramics

Lastly are these beautiful ceramics I picked up from a shop called Goodies located in Orange County and Los Angeles. Everything in the store is under $25 and if you are not in the area, you can also shop online and have it shipped!

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