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Crispy Rice and Spicy Tuna Bites – Nobu Copycat

Let’s learn how to make spicy tuna crispy rice at home and even better! Imagine crispy rice cakes topped with creamy avocado, perfectly seasoned sashimi grade tuna, spicy mayo, and sesame seeds. It’s a delicious appetizer or if you want, it can also be a main dish if you eat a few which I did […]

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Crab Rangoons

Let’s learn how to make Panda Express Cream Cheese Rangoons at home and even better with the addition of crab! Super crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside. These crab and cream cheese rangoons are addicting! What Are Crab Rangoons? Crab rangoons are wonton wrappers stuffed with a filling of crab, cream […]

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Surf and Turf Rice

Turning a shrimp boil into a surf and turf rice dish! Spiced with Cajun and Old Bay, this dish is flav0r-packed and will blow you away. If you are not a huge fan of seafood, you can definitely just turn this into a chicken and rice dish. Still delicious!


Moroccan Fish Tacos

Light and refreshing fish tacos packed with flavor from a unique Moroccan-inspired spice blend! Although I love battered fish tacos (recipe coming for this as well), I wanted to create a lighter version first that was not deep-fried. This was inspired by the delicious fish my mom cooks up on a regular basis. It’s so […]

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