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Baklawa Cheesecake

What happens when you combine an American classic with an Arab Middle Eastern iconic dessert? You get Baklawa Cheesecake Bars! The center is tangy and creamy from the NY style cheesecake and the top and bottom have that irresistible crunch from the nuts and phyllo sheets. I don’t think cheesecake could have gotten any better […]


Moroccan Kefta Kabobs

Juicy Moroccan Kefta Kabobs that come together in 30 minutes! It’s the perfect recipe for when you’re short on time but want a dinner that is far from short on flavor. The kabobs are packed with tons of fresh herbs and a Moroccan spice blend that takes this kefta to another world. Enjoy it with some […]

ashta fingers-4

Ashta Fingers

My favorite dessert to make are these crispy phyllo wrapped fingers filled with custard and showered in a sweet simple syrup! Think of this dessert as a hybrid between Kanafa and Baklawa – AKA the best of both worlds. And surprisingly, they’re so easy to make. The only sad part is they disappear within seconds […]

snickers dates-3

Snickers Stuffed-Dates

Dates that taste exactly like a Snickers! The caramel-tasting Medjool dates are pitted and then stuffed with peanut butter and chopped peanuts for that perfect crunch. They’re then coated in chocolate to create the ultimate sweet treat inspired by everyone’s favorite chocolate bar. Dates or as we call them tamar in Arabic are a very […]

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