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Moroccan Fish Tacos

Light and refreshing fish tacos packed with flavor from a unique Moroccan-inspired spice blend! Although I love battered fish tacos (recipe coming for this as well), I wanted to create a lighter version first that was not deep-fried. This was inspired by the delicious fish my mom cooks up on a regular basis. It’s so […]


Briwat – Moroccan Almond Pastry

Briwat. Briouat. Briouate. However you spell it, this Moroccan sweet is so popular for families and is one of my favorites growing up. If you ever made samboosa, this dessert is like the sweet version of it. The term briwat actually stands for any dish that is filled in thin paper such as spring rolls […]


Zaalouk – Eggplant and Tomato Dip

One of my favorite vegetables that are so versatile is eggplant and it’s the star in this traditional side salad famous in Morocco called Zaalouk. The best part is it can be eaten in so many different ways but you can’t go wrong with lots of bread to dip into. For an alternative, I roasted […]

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