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Gigi Hadid Pasta

Let’s learn how to make the Gigi Hadid Pasta at home! It’s super easy to make but tastes like so much effort went into it.  What is the Gigi Hadid Pasta? The Gigi Hadid Pasta is nothing new, in fact it originated in Italy and is more commonly known as Spicy Vodka Pasta. It’s a […]


Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

Let’s make a delicious sun dried tomato pesto pasta for 2! If you like the traditional green basil pesto, you’ll fall in love with this one. The best part is you’ll have sun dried tomato pesto leftover to make into so many other dishes. What Is Sun Dried Tomato Pesto? Sun dried tomato pesto is […]


Oven-Baked Kefta

Let’s bake some juicy, flavor-packed kefta kabobs in the oven! So easy to make and a huge crowd-pleaser. Juicy, flavorful kefta baked in the oven! Pair it with salad, rice, and tzatziki to make it the perfect meal.


McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap

The grilled chicken snack wraps from McDonald's were my favorite but since they discontinued it from their menu, let's make it at home and even better! Grilled chicken that's been seasoned to perfection in a soft tortilla with homemade buttermilk ranch, lettuce, and cheese.


Rainbow Rice with Steak and Peppers

If you love steak and peppers, you'll love rainbow rice! This recipe was my favorite dish my mom would make as a kid and still is today because it's so flavorful that I can eat it on its own by the bowl.


Chicken Skewers in the Oven

Juicy, flavorful, Moroccan-inspired marinated chicken skewers in the OVEN! Did you know you can make juicy chicken skewers in the oven with no BBQ or mess? It’s effortless but they come out so impressive with beautiful char marks as if you did grill. You can even add some bell peppers or onions to the skewers […]


Butter Noodles

Butter noodles were my favorite thing to eat as a kid! This dish comes together in 20 minutes but tastes like it took triple the time.


Cajun Chicken Pasta

A million times better than your favorite restaurant's creamy cajun chicken pasta! It's a super easy dinner idea that everyone will love.


Bang Bang Shrimp

Your favorite restaurant-style Bang Bang Shrimp at home and even better! The bang bang sauce is sweet and slightly spicy and the shrimp is so crispy. The best part is this recipe can be made with chicken or even tofu.


Creamy Chicken Alfredo

If you love the Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden, now you can make it at home and even better! The perfect dinner to please a crowd.

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