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Briwat – Moroccan Almond Pastry

Briwat. Briouat. Briouate. However you spell it, this Moroccan sweet is so popular for families and is one of my favorites growing up. If you ever made samboosa, this dessert is like the sweet version of it. The term briwat actually stands for any dish that is filled in thin paper such as spring rolls […]


Biscoff Snickerdoodles

Biscoff and snickerdoodles should have been together all this time. The combo is a match made in heaven and I probably will never make snickerdoodles again without Biscoff or cookie butter spread. The spice from the cookie butter compliments the cinnamon sugar in snickerdoodles so well. This combination felt so natural and as soon as […]


Tres Leches Basbousa Fusion Cake

Tres leches cake fused with Basbousa! This cake has the perfect amount of sweetness with floral and nutty notes from rose petals, orange blossom water, and pistachios. This tres leches cake is made using a sugar infused with pistachios and rose petals. When you slice into the cake, you see the beautiful green and pink […]


Cookie Butter Truffles with Biscoff

Two words. Cookie butter. One of the easiest desserts to make and they make a great gift to give! The inspiration for this recipe came from my older brother who would make an Oreo version of these in college. That’s how easy it is. For a college guy to make it, that says a lot. […]


Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Bars

Not your typical cheesecake bars! Instead of pumpkin-spiced cheesecake, we’re combining our two favorite desserts here into one beautiful one that everyone will love this season. The layers alone are so mesmerizing to look at! How to Make It The process to making these Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Bars is broke up intro three parts! The […]



Sfinz is equal to happiness, celebration, joy, family, love, and the smell of spongy fried bread filling up your soul and teasing your tastebuds. This Libyan delicacy is truly a breakfast treat, sweet or savory, and for me, to be had only on the specialist of occasions. Some of my favorite shots of sfinz in […]


Kinder Chocolate Brownies

A mix between chewy and fudgy, these brownies are something else. There’s something so nostalgic about Kinder Chocolate and melting it to put in brownies takes it to another level.  Rich chocolatey brownies with the perfect notes of hazelnut and milk! For these brownies, the main type of Kinder chocolate you will need is the […]


Kanafeh Cheesecake Cups

Kanafeh is basically an Arab/Middle Eastern “cheese-cake” but in this recipe, we’re introducing it to the New York Cheesecake. Warning: these can become addicting really fast. Find lots of family and friends to share these with! The perfect fusion dessert! If you cannot find ashta at your local Arab or Middle Eastern Grocery store, you […]


Apple Pie Baklawa

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Especially when a few are tucked into the most beautiful-layered slice of baklawa… I think that’s how the saying goes. I’m so excited to start a new series on Moribyan Kitchen. Fall was always my least favorite season. My allergies acted up, my skin always got so […]


Upside Down Almond Fig Cake

Upside down pineapple cake BUT fig version! A lot of North African desserts are huge on almond. Almond paste, almond flour, almond essence, chopped almonds, and more. They can be found in Abambar, a traditional Libyan cookie, or stuffed in Briwat, a traditional Moroccan sweet. Since my dad planted a fig tree in the backyard, […]

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