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Ful Medames – Vegetarian Fava Bean Stew

Ful Medames is one of my favorite vegetarian dishes to make! My mom taught me how to make her recipe when I first moved out for college. It's a very affordable dish to make and packed with flavor!


Frosted Flakes French Toast Sticks

Breakfast is ready in under 30 minutes! Having this for breakfast before running out the door for school is one of my favorite childhood memories. If you love Frosted Flakes and French Toast, this will be a hit. I promise they are not as sweet as they sound.



Sfinz is equal to happiness, celebration, joy, family, love, and the smell of spongy fried bread filling up your soul and teasing your tastebuds. This Libyan delicacy is truly a breakfast treat, sweet or savory, and for me, to be had only on the specialist of occasions. Some of my favorite shots of sfinz in […]


Savory French Toast

I’m not sure if savory french toast is already a thing but I like to think that this is my mom’s own creation! It’s cozy, crispy, and absolute perfection. If there’s one thing my mom is adamant about, it’s wasting food (and specifically, bread). Whenever we had leftover baguettes from one too many tuna sandwiches, […]


Acai Bowl

Sunshine in a bowl! Acai bowls are one of my favorite weekend breakfasts to have. It’s almost like a healthy dessert but filled with antioxidants, fiber, and energy. I’ve been making my own acai bowls for the longest time so we might have found the perfect ratio of fruit for the best sorbet-like texture. I […]



Although I love Shakshuka, Keema might just be one step up from it even though I’ll also argue at the same time that they can’t be put in the same group together. Keema is a popular breakfast dish in Libya and to sum it up, it’s eggs baked in hearty ground beef. Usually we only […]


Baghrir – Moroccan Pancakes

One of my favorite Moroccan dishes has always been Baghrir which are the lightest, most fluffiest pancakes you’ll ever have. Moroccan pancakes are different than the traditional American flapjack we’re used to. Baghrir calls for yeast which makes these pancakes covered in holes. Then they’re soaked in honey and butter for an addictive breakfast. Think of […]

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