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shrimp balls-1

Crispy Shrimp Balls

 There is no better way to eat shrimp than wrapped up in a ball and fried to crispy golden perfection! This popular Chinese appetizer is absolutely addicting especially when dipped in a sweet chili sauce. Now these shrimp balls are actually really easy to make and utilize a secret ingredient for the crispiest exterior crunch […]

batata harra-3

Batata Harra

Batata Harra might just be the best way to enjoy potatoes! This Lebanese dish literally translates to spicy potatoes as it’s crispy fried potatoes tossed in a spicy sauce with lemon and cilantro. If you like potatoes, you’ll absolutely love this – especially enjoyed with some salad and grilled chicken! Making the Spicy Tomato Sauce  […]

green chutney-1

Green Chutney

The perfect addition to samosas and kabobs is a vibrant and delicious green chutney that only takes 5 minutes to make! It’s my absolute favorite to enjoy at Afghan and Indian restaurants that just adds so much flavor to anything it’s drizzled on. If you’ve never had it before, it’s basically a tangy herb sauce […]

spicy tuna wonton cups-2

Spicy Tuna Wonton Cups

Let’s learn how to make spicy tuna wonton cups – the perfect appetizer to make when a craving for poke or sushi hits! They’re so easy to make, packed with flavor, and have the most insane crunch EVER! The idea came to me when I was making buffalo chicken wonton cups for the super bowl […]

cheese stuffed naan -01

Cheese-Stuffed Garlic Naan

The only thing better than garlic naan is CHEESE-STUFFED garlic naan! The bread is super fluffy and when you tear it apart, you get the best cheese pull ever from the combo of freshly grated mozzarella and parmesan. Cooking the bread on a skillet makes it crispy on the outside and then it is brushed […]

chipotle wings-16

Honey Chipotle Crispy Chicken Wings

Let’s learn how to make sweet, spicy and smoky Honey Chipotle Wings! The flavor combination is absolutely incredible and perfect to make for the Super Bowl or any big gathering. They’re super crispy on the outside and the chicken is incredibly juicy on the inside, basically everything you could ask for in the perfect chicken […]

buffalo chicken cups-04

Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups

The perfect super bowl snack did not exist until this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wontons Cups! Basically picture your favorite buffalo chicken dip but baked into a crispy wonton cups. It’s cheesy, tangy, and a lot less messy than the dip! Everyone will go absolutely crazy for them. I thought of making these because I […]

bang bang cauliflower-1

Bang Bang Cauliflower

Let’s turn my favorite bang bang shrimp into bang bang cauliflower – a fun vegetarian version that’s just as delicious! The cauliflower is battered and baked to crispy golden perfection and then covered in a sweet and tangy bang bang sauce. You won’t have cauliflower any other way after this! I made the intention that […]

pizza rolls - superbowl recipe-4

Pizza Hawaiian Rolls

Let’s learn how to make the easiest snack ever that comes together in less than 30 minutes – PIZZA Hawaiian Rolls! They’re cheesy, garlicky, and so fluffy yet crispy. They won’t last more than 5 minutes when they’re out of the oven. If you’ve ever made hasselback potatoes, the process is super similar! You basically […]

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits-1

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Let’s learn how to make Red Lobster’s famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits at home and even better! They’re super fluffy on the inside, a bit crispy on the outside, and perfectly cheesy and buttery. If you’ve ever been to Red Lobster, you definitely know that one of the most popular things on their menu are the […]

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