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Hey guys! My name is Hajar Larbah and welcome to Moribyan! This is my blog where I love to share all my favorite recipes and lifestyle tips with you all. If I’m not cooking here, I’m either at Trader Joe’s, the gym, or eating a bagel.

I started Moribyan in my freshman year of college but it was always something I did on the side for fun. I got my degree in Nutrition/Dietetics at UC Berkeley and started working while pursuing Moribyan part-time. In 2020, I quit my job and went full time, dedicating all my hours of the day to building a platform to inspire you all in the kitchen.

If you were wondering where the name Moribyan comes from, it’s a hybrid of my two nationalities – Moroccan and Libyan. North African cuisine heavily influences my style of cooking so there was no better name. Credit to my husband for creating the name! But anyways, some recipes you’ll find on my page are restaurant-remakes, fusion foods, tons of dessert (I have a huge sweet tooth), and dishes inspired by North African background.

You can also check me out on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok if you fancy it! I’m excited to cook with you and as always – IMPRESS YOURSELF.
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