Build Your Own Coffee Cart!

My New Year’s resolution to myself was to become my own little barista at home! It’s so easy to get caught up in going to a coffee shop every single day and spending five to six dollars on a drink but I decided to put that time and energy towards a new skill instead – mastering the Espresso Machine.

In the past, I’ve tried Keurig and Nespresso coffee machines and although they get the job done, I wanted a new hobby that would also result in better espresso. So here’s what I got to assemble my coffee cart!

Nathan James Hallie Retro, Mid-Century, Rectangle, Rolling Bar or Serving Cart with 2-Tier Trays and Powder Coated Metal Finish, Beige/Black

First up is the cart itself! I had a very awkward small corner between my kitchen and dining area that I wanted to fill up and this Nathan James Cart was the perfect size. It has two beautiful wood shelves, black finishes, and wheels so you can roll it into your living room for entertaining.

There are larger ones available on places like Amazon and Wayfair so if you have a larger space available in your home, definitely go for that.

Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

Second up is the most important part, the espresso machine! I switched up my Nespresso Vertuo for the Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine. It is the smallest option Breville has and it does not have a grinder built in so I purchased the Breville grinder separately. It’s a more affordable option especially if this is your first time attempting to pull shots of espresso. Maybe in a few years if I become a pro, I’ll upgrade. Either way, whatever coffee machine you have is perfect.

Brew: Better Coffee At Home: Better Coffee At Home

Up next are just some pieces of decor I got to elevate the cart! I purchased this vase from H & M Home and got a book about brewing coffee from Amazon called Brew Better Coffee At Home.

To fill up the wall above the cart, I installed a floating shelf. You can add candles, cups, mugs, coffee, syrups, and basically anything you need for coffee up here. I also got a pour over coffee maker to put on the shelf if you want to switch it up from espresso.

The Eat Drink Nap Book is super aesthetic to use as decor and the syrup dispenser bottles were from Target!

Finally, I got a black vase and added some bunny tails to it for more decor! I also got a clear acrylic tray to place a candle and a jar of coffee grounds on. And that’s basically it. Super excited to share more as I embark on this barista journey!

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